Thursday, April 5, 2012

SCS Nationals

Around the new year I decided that I wanted to go to SCS nationals in Boulder, CO because it would be the qualifying event for the first IFSC World Cup event in Atlanta. While I knew that finding the time to train would be next to impossible (as evidence by my lack of blogging) and that the trip would be a logistical challenge, to not try for a world cup in my hometown seemed like a travesty. I am nowhere near my physical best, I have zero route-climbing competition experience (yes, I had to ask what the rules are), and after the airline busted the wheels off Annie’s stroller (in case you ever wondered, they don’t guarantee wheels . . . sorry) my arms are fried from carrying her all over Denver & Boulder the better part of today.

But I’m here and you better believe I’m going to try. I’m proud of myself for following through despite the many setbacks, pushing myself, and going outside my comfort zone. Last week I was at the gym getting in some last minute training. I had saved a bunch of routes for onsight attempts and I was getting the smack down. I had felt so much stronger weeks earlier and was so frustrated by my perceived failure. As I was changing in the locker room feeling defeated, I looked down and that long pink scar that spans my lower abdomen held my gaze for an important moment. My frustration softened and I remembered how far I’ve come in a year. Qualifiers are tomorrow and I'm happy to be here.

(And p.s.- to lose a wheel between the gate check in Atlanta and Denver on a direct flight takes skill. This is not over! After the flight crew sending us to stand in a customer service line only to be told 'Sorry. We don't guarantee wheels' . . . it's war, Airtran, it's war.)


  1. Team Marpepp is rooting for you! Love you and sending you strength.

  2. Sounds like you have come a long way in a year. It's nice you've made time to train and do something you love. Good luck!