Friday, February 3, 2012


When I first sat down with Andrew Kornylak to talk about making a profile video for prAna, I wanted it to be about aspirations and coming back to climbing after going through the journey of becoming a mother. And while we did talk about aspirations and dreams, we kept coming back to the concept of balance. I hope you enjoy this very personal video! My hope is that is resonates other parents, climbers, and people on a similar journey.


  1. Thank you Kate (and Andrew) for a beautiful expression of passion on your journey. We are proud to support you and hope that others will gain inspiration from your message.


  2. Loved the video! While my kids were growing up, many climbers, especially moms, asked me how I could still find the time to climb, work and have kids. Balance is a good word to describe it - but in reality, it never completely feels like balance - I could never seem to find the time for everything. But I still managed to do keep climbing in my life and still have time for my girls. I created a family climbing group at the Gunks to find other families to climb with and support each other, my kids loved to play and climb with other kids, and now they're strong and confident teens who climb well and love the outdoors.