Monday, November 9, 2009


Slider is one of my favorite boulder problems of all time (#1. The Orb, #2. Mighty Mouse, #3. Slider). Alex Hooks was photographing the Triple Crown event this past weekend and sent me these shots from Slider & Beta Boy. Thanks, Alex!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Triple Crown at Horse Pens

This weekend was the 7th year of Triple Crown at Horse Pens, AL. I have been there every year for the past seven and it is starting to make me feel very old. I can still hang with the big guns though, placing a very close second to Alex Puccio. Go Team Five Ten! The weather was beautiful with temps a little on the warm side for the ancient sandstone slopers that characterize this amazing little boulderfield. The comp was full of the usual sending energy that brings people back, year after year, to try their hardest. Having just returned from the Greece trip, my endurance is there, but my bouldering power is still not back at full force. Highlight sends of the day included Slider (V9), Ghetto Superstar (V9), and repeating some of my favorites in the boulderfield (Consumption, Chevy, Stepchild, and Great White). Kenneth and I had a great time hanging out with old friends and getting back to bouldering. We headed out to the ranch Friday afternoon to set up the prana tent, climbed all day Saturday, and stayed up making tea and giving away clothes to a bunch of really psyched folks throughout the night. The booth was a huge success: the Prana presence at the event was definitely strong! Here's a few pics from the event. . . more to come

Consumption- V7

Hailey on Stepchild-V8

The Prana tent
I make a mean green tea
Jimmy's Prana Tee has seen more climbing days than most climbers have
Jimmy Webb - winner of Mens' Open- enjoying his new (and old) Prana garb
Poor Max, this year's lead athletic supporter
My friend, Leonard