Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pimp My Wall

This past Sunday a crew from ATL staged a stealth operation to Augusta (temporary home of our friend, Greg Kottkamp, a very talented climber who is in med school at MCG).  "Pimp Greg's Wall" was the brainchild of Andrew Kornylak, taking months of planning to get the materials, help, etc.  We rolled out early Sunday morning with a huge rental truck full of tools, wood, and beer.  Greg's wife, Katy, was in on the mission and was responsible for keeping Greg distracted in Atlanta while we stormed his Augusta office room.  While Kornylak photographed the day's efforts, Josh Fowler (between drilling and pounding t-nuts) filmed the construction from start to finish to reveal.  Even with the saw dust in my eyes, a gnarly bruise from dropping a 2x10 on my ankle, and <3 hours of sleep that night, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  After finishing the wall and getting the room put back together, we had a very giddy hour of waiting for Greg to get home.  We were all like 13 year old girls giggling in the dark every time head lights came by the windows.  Hopefully the wall will help Greg's sanity throughout the grueling coursework ahead of him and constantly remind him that he's got a team of friends who's always there for him (even in Augusta-yuck!).  I'll be sure to post links to the video when Josh is done with it.  Thanks to So Ill, Bluewater, Escaladea, and everyone who came.  Way to go team!