Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's every competitors worst nightmare (especially in this comp format where a mistake means you are finished). . . right as you pull onto the start holds, your foot blows off and you're done before you ever started climbing. Untie. Let the disappointment, embarrassment, and anger settle in. It's the equivalent of disqualification for a false start. You could not do any worse. I trained, I brought my entire family to Colorado- and this is what happened. I knew immediately that any chance for making it to finals was gone. I still had one route to go and I easily flashed it (which would have easily gotten me into finals if I had just done the easy part of the other route). Redemption? Maybe. I think I would be easier on myself if my strength just didn't measure up to the other competitors with the limited training time that I've had. And I'm happy that I'm still competitive as an athlete. I'm just so disappointed that this is how it went down. Had I not slipped off the start, I would definitely be competing at the World Cup this fall. It's a tough thing to swallow but I realize that some people train for YEARS, go to the olympics, only to do something similar. Putting it behind me and moving on. And making the most of this family vacation.

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  1. A lot of people only wish they had courage like you to go for their dreams. This one event does not define who you are. *hug* Glad you went for it, didn't give up (which is the hardest thing to do) and redeemed yourself on the next route.